Duet on Passage, day 4

28:11:23S, 174:59:37E

Yesterday was a long hard slog. The wind was light and the sea calm so perfect conditions for Simon to be hoisted up the mast to re-lead the Genoa halyard using the Spinnaker block at the top of the mast. There was no way we could attempt to feed a new mouse and line through the mast. It took 2 attempts but at last it was OK. Next to hoist the sail. It was a lot easier than we expected but still the whole exercise took most of the day. A well deserved beer for happy hour to celebrate.

A new owner

We are back in Nelson having flown over to Sydney where our “little” Duet was moored. We are very happy to announce that she has a new owner, Gero who will be taking her over in May to begin his cruising life on board and the start of many adventures. We wish him many years of fair winds and happy cruising and know that if any of our sailing friends recognize the boat in some distant anchorage they will give Gero a warm welcome.

Duet on Passage

34 24’08S, 172 39′.56E
Saturday 12th January.

We left Whangaroa harbour early to make the most of a favourable tide up to North Cape. A fair wind sent us on our way reeling off the miles behind us. Duet is a real passage maker, we are getting used to 9 knots.

We rounded Cape Reinga at 1600 surrounded by shearwaters, petrels and prions swooping and fluttering on the waves. A couple of dolphins played with our bow wave for a while. Lucky us to be having such a great sail.

New Duet

duet ii36° 37.25 S
174°47.48 E

Welcome to the new Duet.

The day we flew into Auckland the wind speeds were gusting more than 90 km across the North Island.

The rain was torrential, branches were being whipped across the motorway and several houses lost their roofs. It was shear Madness to be even thinking about sailing let alone viewing one with intent to buy. Continue reading New Duet

Cruising Australia

Hill Inlet Whitsunday cruising continued to be a relaxed affair and quite different from other South Pacific islands. First noticeable difference is that there are no locals paddling out to the yachts in their dugouts to exchange fruit for T-shirts. Secondly the anchorages are packed with bare boat and backpacker charter boats. Continue reading Cruising Australia

Inland Dreaming

Harvest Brisbane was hot and steaming when we returned to Duet at the end of February, not that this worried us having left an extremely chilly UK behind us. We packed up the car and set off for stage one of our intended inland cruise around Australia. First on our list was to head for the vineyards of the south. We had developed a passion for Shiraz — the rich black gold of the wine country.

Continue reading Inland Dreaming

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