Duet II on passage, Tasman Sea

38:05:44S, 172:55:65E

Somewhere down in the fiords we lost our bowthruster. We didn’t hear or feel a thing, which is surprising since what ever we sucked in removed the entire set of blades. Once back in Nelson we were able to track down and replace it. I always did wonder what ever happened to the penguin.

The down side of wonderful summer weather is the light winds in the centre of the high pressure systems. We are currently motor-sailing up the West Coast of the North Island. We’ve never seen the Tasman sea so calm and this has given us the opportunity to do some Baking. Errol wanted upside down plum muffins. The recipe called for baking powder which I didn’t have so we improvised using lemonade instead. They certainly rose to the occasion.

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