Duet on Passage

Tuesday 15th February.

Yesterday was St Valentine’s day. No, there were no red roses or cards dropped off by a wandering Albatross. Actually there were very few birds at all. Those big soaring birds need wind to give them lift and we have had light winds for the last 24hrs. Dull aluminium grey all day with a light misty drizzle at times. Duet needs little wind to keep her tracking along at 7 knots, the direction has been favourable and the swell diminished so it’s been comfortable and effortless sailing. Time to replace whipping on various pieces of rope, check for chafe and any number of small maintenance jobs that  frequently get put to the bottom of the jobs to do list.

A sign of the times. Instead of marking our noon-day position on the paper chart we simply drop a pin on the Navionics App on the ipad.

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