Bay of Plenty, Tauranga


11th March

When it became clear that Kitty wasn’t going to return for the final trip from Stewart Island to Auckland, due to recurring dentist appointments, waiting was no option. With autumn in the air I didn’t want to linger any longer in Stewart Island. Our original plan of visiting Christchurch and the Acaroa peninsula were out off the question as that part of New Zealand is still in deep shock after the devastating earthquake. So I decided to take the advantage of southwesterly winds and head for Gulf Harbour in one hop. Single handed cruising is not fun, but racing the winds single-handedly is another. So after 4 days and 19 hours I covered 814 nm which works out at an average speed of 7 knots. I hove-to in the bay of plenty for several hours during the night. I didn’t want to run the risk of berthing single-handedly in a strong current. Kitty arrived on Wednesday by bus from Auckland with very bright new front teeth!

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