Passage to Brisbane – Day 7

Saturday 28th January.

It’s been an extraordinarily peaceful day. We are running down wind towards Brisbane with only 177 nm to go before the entrance into Moreton Bay. Duet is sliding effortlessly through the water at an average speed of 8.7 knots. We know we are fortunate as the Tasman Sea has a notorious reputation.

Is this luck? surely a bit, but with good weather information we can plan ahead. Of course it can go to custard, but forewarned ect, ect.

Last night we passed unlit Middleton reef last night with 30 miles to spare, no Italian cruise ship Captain bravado by Duet’s Skipper! The chart shows the reef ringed by wreaks. Thank the Lord for GPS and up-to-date charts!

On our approach to Australia we are very much aware of the things that are forbidden across the borders. Tonight’s supper was a big veggie curry! There is nothing worse than having to hand over to MAF (ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries) any uneaten veggies or fruit for destruction. Of course they are right and we respect their rules.

An amusing sight on the quarantine berth is the sight of yachties inbound from a tropical destination trying to consume their bunches of bananas before they are removed by MAF!

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