Sydney to Nelson – Day 6

Day 6. Tuesday 21st February.

We caught our first fish on this trip. A smart Albacore Tuna. Yum Yum! The depression that has been snapping at our heels has decided to move to the south of us – phew. It still means we can expect some strong winds but not as bad as we had feared. Today has been the most gorgeous days sailing. The morning was sultry and full of heavy rain showers, rainbows but little wind and then by mid day the wind picked up and we have been charging along at 8+ knots. Already we can see the towering clouds that indicate land ahead although we have 172 miles to go before Farewell Spit. We have seen Albatross and Molly Maws soaring over the waves, another sure indicator that New Zealand is ahead. The water temperature is down to 16 but the wind is fair at the moment so far so good.

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